Biography of Dr. Benigno V. Aldana

Dr. Benigno V. Aldana was born on November 19, 1898 in Pozurrubio, Pangasinan where he spent his elementary and high school days. He graduated valedictorian at Philippine normal school in 1925. 

He was a writer, scholar and a great educator whose goal is to uplift the Philippine Public Schools System.  He dedicated his whole life to improve the youth and promotion of the teacher’s welfare.

He was a classroom teacher, principal, school supervisor, budget commission officer, general auditor, acting Undersecretary of Education and delegate to the UNESCO International Conference of Public Education.

He was a gentle, humble, friendly, kindhearted, approachable and democratic man. He devoted his 47 years of service for the government. He died on July 6, 1963.  In honor of his service for the government our school is named after him.