In 1962, two government-rented annex buildings of Legarda Elementary School,
named Quintos I located at Craig Street and Quintos II at Instruccion and Fajardo Streets became an independent school with Mrs. Candida Salonga as the first principal and Mrs. Purificacion Laxamana as assistant principal.

This new school was first named Lealtad Primary School because it was located at Lealtad Street, now called Fajardo Street. Due to the increase of 43 classes in 1963, additional teachers were assigned which include a launch teacher, property custodian, a clerk and 4 utility workers.

In August 1966, during the leadership of principal Mrs. Felicima Garcia and assistant principal Pelagia Querubin, school personnel increased to 49, a library was put up and a teacher community coordinator was assigned. And on November 19, 1967, through the concerted efforts of parents and teachers and school heads, Lealtad Primary School was renamed Dr. Benigno Aldana Elementary School in honor of Dr. Benigno Aldana. Dr. B Aldana was a renowned resident of the community and the first Filipino Director of the Bureau of Public Schools and a former Undersecretary of Education under President Ramon Magsaysay.

In the same year enrolment was further increased to 2, 120 while school personnel rose to 60. In view of this, additional teachers were fielded-in which include, a school paper adviser, special Mathematics, English, Music and Guidance Counselor.

In 1972, Dr. Aurora Rausa took over as new principal, Mrs. Rosario G. Coronel in 1975, Mr. Ballegui Maglambayan in 1976 with Mrs. Luisa Villanueva as Assistant Principal. Mrs. Angela Laurente was assigned as OIC Principal in 1977, Mrs. Antonia Paredes in June 1979 with Jovita Calixihan, her Assistant Principal. Mrs. Paredes opened 7 grade VI classes which gave way for additional teachers.

In School year 1976-1977 Dr. B. Aldana Elementary School held its first school graduation rites that finally made the school a full-fledged elementary school.

In 1979 during the principalship of Mr. Pedro Rey and assistant principal Mrs. Monina Rayala, a petition for a 3 storey building started. From then on through the efforts of all the principals, assistants, teachers and PTCA officers that came after, it became a reality through the City government funds of then Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim. In 1992, during the principalship of Mrs. Carina C. Rempillo and PTCA president Mrs. Grace Cajoles, the construction of a 3 storey building along Prudencio and Algeciras Streets started.

In 1997, the newly constructed Aldana building at Prudencio and Algeciras streets was finally occupied by teachers and pupils. Mrs. Rempillo went on leave while Mrs. Nelita Z. Avante, teacher of the school an Assistant-to the Principal (ATTP)Test passer was assigned as Officer-in-Charge (OIC).

The construction of school canteen, guidance room and extension of the principal’s office was sponsored by Honorable Ernesto Maceda sponsored in 1999 during the leadership of Principal, Mrs. Juanita T. Balgua, Principal and Mr. Raul Salvatierra, PTCA President.

This year will mark Dr. Benigno Aldana Elementary School 42 Commencement Exercises and 57th Founding Anniversary.

– rpl 09/01/2019