Teachers with Special Assignments

Teachers with Special Assignments

Name:                                                  ELIZABETH L. GALANO
                                       Teacher III
Special assignments:                      Canteen/feeding teacher
Educational Background:              Bachelor in Elementary
EducationMost relevant seminar Attended: K-12 Training, NC II Food and Beverage

Name:                                               LYNN A. GARCIA
Designation:                                    Teacher III
Special assignment:                       Property Custodian
Educational Background:               Bachelor in Elementary Education
Most relevant seminar Attended: Practicioners Enhancement on Proper Recording, supplies and Property Stewardship Towards Good Governance, K-12 Training

Name:                                                  ANNABELLE T. CANAMAN

Designation:                                       Teacher III

Special assignment:                          Finance Officer/ Teacher Clerk

Educational Background:                  Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education

Most relevant seminar Attended:  Financial Management, Financial Liquidation, K-12 Training, Food and Beverage Services NC II

Name:                                                  GILLAN FATIMA A. ATIENZA

Designation:                                       Teacher II

Special assignment:                         ALS Mobile Teacher

Educational Background:                BSCS with Masteral units in MAED

Most relevant seminar Attended: Roll Out on the Development of Learning Strand, 6th Digital Literacy ALS Learning Materials, Barista NCII, Tourism and Promotion NC II, Cookery NC II, Food and Beverages NC I

Name:                                                  RUBY ANTOINETTE G. CUBE

Designation:                                       Teacher I

Special assignment:                        Teacher Librarian

Educational Background:              Bachelor of Elementary Education with Specialization in English

Achievement:                                   Table Tennis Winning Coach

Most relevant seminar Attended:Equipping Librarians with Legal Updates Educational System Leading to Stress-free Workplace, K-12 Training